Amazing Facts to Know About the LEED Certified Solar Furniture

The usage of solar power has advanced by leaps and bounds over the past few years. The panel technology has improved a lot with passing days. Gradually the experts started looking for sustainable design ideas where they can implement the solar power. Eventually, they came up with the innovative idea of incorporating green energy into the furniture. The outcomes are pleasing both the environment and the eyes.

The designs and patterns of furniture have moved beyond their status of only being used as storage or seating components. The amalgamation of solar energy with the furniture has helped to uphold the status of the furniture as modern shelters combined up with user- friendly technology. Here some of the innovative LEED certified furniture described below:

  • Solar powered table:

  One needs to place the particular furniture on the solar-paneled square.  The charging will begin automatically through an inductive scope.  The tables are made of wood and steel.  It provides wind and heating protection during the colder months.

Heating loungers can be installed in a hilly area that includes waterfalls. The heating loungers enhance the ambiance of the resting area by offering wind protection and heating.

12It is an outdoor/ indoor solar powered lamp which can be manufactured in accordance with the different locations and latitude.  It is a custom- made global product which can be used in specific locations.  The lamps light up automatically at dark.  The brightness of the lamps grows gradually from the dusk to the night.  Its capacity of the power generation can be controlled by tilting the solar panels at different angles.

This is something very innovative which is ideal for enhancing the beauty of a wall.   It signifies the linear time by reflecting the impression of any building across the street.  It depicts the cyclical time by representing the sun’s rhythms in the shape of the curve.

The creative ideas behind manufacturing the sustainable design concept sound very interesting.  If one is looking for the LEED certified solar powered furniture, NEA studio, located in Brooklyn, New York, could be the best option.