Things to Know About the Sustainable Designs in Brooklyn

When people are thinking about adding a new look to a room in their home, they have various styles and alternatives to make use of. There are the modern and contemporary designs that depend intensely on smooth lines and stylish furniture. One such design which focuses on sustainable products, both furniture, and accessories, is found in more and more of today’s modern design collections. All things considered, sustainable design is something beyond appealing; it is beautiful for the environment and in addition the home.

NEA Studio

  • FLOORS:  When it comes to sustainable design, one ought to incorporate flooring that reflects the commitment and love for the environment. After all, sustainable resources are those that are effectively renewed and do not take a lot of effort or energy to produce. When it comes to flooring, hardwoods may be beautiful, yet they are not very economical.
  • FURNITURE:  One should opt for furniture made from bamboo and other maintainable materials. Natural cotton is incredible for pads, slipcovers, and cushions. It is imperative to look at and inquire about any new furniture to ensure that it is crafted from materials that are manageable and environmentally friendly.

While thinking about sustainable designs, the most widely recognized shading to come to mind is green. Green is the typical shade of life and growth. While embellishing the home or room with a sustainable theme, homeowners should choose a low odor green paint to add visual interest and effect to one or all of the room’s walls. Indeed, even a punch of green on one wall would help focus the guests’ attention and draw awareness to the fact that the room is a lesson in eco-friendly design.

Therefore, sustainable designs are about a conscious shift that focuses on what is good for the environment both at home and out in the world. There is no restriction to the beauty that can be created with sustainable and eco-friendly building and design products.

NEA Studio is situated in Brooklyn. With a focus on sustainable design, they maintain a cross-disciplinary nature where research and sharing ideas are essential parts of their work philosophy. The workplace has gotten things started with a LEED certified residence in Long Island, which is to be finished in this year.


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